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Professional Development Catalog 2015-16

We are excited to share our newly developed 2015-16 Professional Development Catalog.

This one stop resource lays out an entire year of professional development offerings for after school directors, supervisors, and front-line staff. In addition to some of our staples that include webinars and on-site training, several new additions have been added to meet your goals and fulfill your needs as an after school professional.

From Deep Dive Sessions, First Fridays, and CLASP Cohorts, the Network’s professional development aims to take you and your program to the next level in the coming year by providing opportunities to connect with others, vent your frustrations, and most importantly, have fun.

For a copy of the catalog to share click here.

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  1. Marcella Monk Flake

    Good Morning, I am a retired teacher and I am interested in opening a STEM and Performing Arts Center in New Haven. I have been told that I must meet the state guidliyfor a daycare center. My program is not childcare it is SSTEM and Arts instruction. I would like to know if there are different guidelines for a learning center. Please help!


    1. CTAfterSchoolNetwork

      Afterschool programs that serve school-age children under the age of 13 are often required to be licensed as a child care center through the Office for Early Childhood. For more information about child care licensing, please see their website here:

      For a list of which types of programs are exempt from licensing, please see pages i and ii in the law here:

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